if interested seek out a recruitment sponsor in game.

The GWG has been in continual, active, operation for over 7 years now. During that time we have fully funded our corp and pvp adventures from within via a mission and mining mandate. Every member in this corp missions, mines, and pvp’s. We produce all our own ammos and fuels in house with hard working corp member hands as a group & when outsiders interfere with our ability to do so, we pvp as a fleet. We run 3 corp ops per month, one mission fest, one mining op, and one pvp weekend, TGWG corp ownership shares are earned for participation in each. Ownership shares can also be earned via many other Non-Op avenues such as recruitment, administration, and PI manufacturing. Equal shares are available each month in mission, mining, and pvp categories and related events, and bonus shares are awarded for attending to all three. ownership shares earned here translate into rank and voting authority here in corp. So every member that serves also has a voice in every serious (corp affecting) decision as well as our annual director election.

This is a serious run corp, that takes very seriously our share value. We are continually striving to fully fund all in house PVP & Op adventures, while maintaining or increasing our share value (and share dividend checks) along the way.

We operate primarily in Gallente High sec, and a few low lvl WH’s that we have claimed and defended. Tho none of New Eden is beyond our determined reach.

This corp has active members in EVERY north American time zone, and some limited EU & Russian coverage.

This corp has Veteran members that have been actively playing and teaching for 7+ years, and also brand new members that are just starting in the last cpl weeks, and members at every lvl between.

We own (as shareholders and corp) several POS structures, that we build, fuel, operate and defend ourselves. We are currently building and preparing to upgrade them to Citadels.

We recruit and train our own from within, with a dedicated sponsor program that sees recruitment shares earned by both the recruit and sponsor as you learn and progress.

We have a very strict policy that all members “real lives” come first!

We have a strict policy of no botting, griefing, or exploiting by ANY member!

Every member of this corp is covered by our in house PVP fleet loss assistance policy

Every member has full access to our corps offices and pos/Citadel structures (and the benefits they convey: labs/ increased efficincy builds at reduced costs/private storage space for high sec and WH space resource collection ores/PI/gas/salvage)

Every member has the right to earn ownership shares and to use them to cast votes or voice opinions and when needed push for change.. Lots of opportunity for advancement and leadership roles.

We have Active PVP ops and Roams, and patrolled WH’s for hunting/harvesting.

We have Active mining fleets with Orca gang boosts available most times of the day/night

IN TGWG Every member of this corp is family, and expected to treat each other as such at all times.

We are not looking for short term “fair weather” members. We highly covet hard working corp and member dedicated people who can lead by example and quickly move thru ranks here.

The corp fully funds our own Team Speak 3 server coms, Slack out of game intel channels, and a custom website/forums/killboard

We do collect a full API from each member and require mandatory registration to our website and coms servers

We believe in our corp philosophy and mandate. we have endured and grown as a family because EVERY MEMBER HERE MISSIONS, MINES, AND PVP’S.  if you are unwilling or incapable of participating in all three than this corp is NOT for you.

We have dedicated and experienced leadership Administration, Trainers/Teachers and Op FC’s that are online daily. We have Specialists in game mechanics, PVP war strategy, and Industrial contracts and Market profiteering, and gaming hardware performance.

When we are NOT in active op schedule then your playtime is self directed and you are allowed to use the corp knowledgebase, member support, corp assets and patrolled space to further your own private agenda.

Our 3 monthly ops run for 48 hrs round the clock. officers and members fall in and out of fleets as real life allows. In this way every time zone and work shift gets equal chance at earning/achieving ownership shares or Top Achiever awards.

Our governing documents and rules (shares earning policy, industrial contracts, pvp policy and fleet loss coverage) are all spelt out in written document form for maximum clarification and minimal confusion.


For the past 7 years we have strived to make every member here:

1st a family member

2nd a legitimate shareholder/owner here

3rd a multi-billionaire

and 4th a hardened and rehearsed combat killer