Front Page

TGWG corp is hiring dedicated pilots that wish to mission, mine, and pvp while earning ownership shares for their participation in ea.- contact any corp member with the words – “recruitment sponsor” in his/her title: No minimum skill points/no trial accounts.  FULL API and Headset for coms is required. We have a perfect record of turning corpmates into billionaires and combat killers simultaneously

Our Empire space policy for both High and Low sec is very easy to understand.

1.) If you are not red and/or blinky/legal the GWG WILL NOT attack you
(unless you have a bounty thats crazy high. lol)
2.) If you are red and/or blinky/legal the GWG WILL attack you.
(unless you are surrounded by a lot of also red friends)

It is the policy of The GWG to interact with every Blue or Red pilot/corp accordingly; While ignoring those that are neither

The goal of the GWG is to equally achieve wealth, success, and respect for every member of this corp, by working
-1st: as an organized team to create “Supply”
-2nd: as an organized fleet to create “Demand”